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The Society

The Society

The Africa in Business Society is a membership-based Africa Business Networking Club of the African Business Organizations, African Diasporas, African Government Department, Africa Corporate Entities, Entrepreneurs and Business/Tech Students, consolidating their resources to jointly benefit from the globalized markets. Almost all our subscribers of the Africa in Business program setting are entitled to become members of the Africa in Business Society.

Africa in Business Society has various Projects, Programs and Strategies in place for the full benefit and efficient networking of their members. 

  • Opportunity to attend ALL our Annual Africa in Business Convention, Africa in Business Investment Forums (real-time Asset market place) and Africa in Business Summit (where we demonstrate our strategies to Global Leaders) on subsidies.

  • Members are allowed to take part in the Group Investment Portfolios Projects are in form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) International Group Investments, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Infrastructure Investments and also M&As

  • Opportunity for our “Internal Guarantees” to access practical Capital from our International Venture Capital Partners

  • Be part of the International Business Exchange Programs

  • Participate in the Local Business Networking events every month

  • The Interlinking scheme between businesses in Africa and in the Diaspora helps to enlarge the global market scope i.e. Regional2Regional Business Networking and Diaspora2Diaspora Networking etc

Africa in Business Societies are opened up and managed at the local level (in Africa and Diaspora), but are interlinked to the entire Africa in Business operation grid. This gives our members the priority of networking on the continent and worldwide for trade and investment opportunities.

Africa in Business Societies are currently being managed by reputable local Business Firms and or Organizations, until the elective management structures have been effectively designed and agreed upon by the founding members. Such firms are mandated to organize the monthly Business networking meetings, recruitment, program sensitization and all other program related activities.


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