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Invest-2-Study Scheme

Invest-2-Study Scheme

The Student Investments Portfolios also known as the “Invest-2-Study” Scheme organized under the Education African Program setting, and aimed at easing the financial burden of especially International Students directly from Africa

It should be noted that most International Students from Africa do not qualify for the Student Loans within their international localities. So the Invest-2-Study Scheme is in place to increase the African international student presence in the Western Universities with financial easiness.

The Invest-2-Study scheme therefore helps student to invest and study with ease, but still own their investments after studies. Unlike student loans which drain students’ resources even after studies, the Invest-2-Study scheme will instead add value to the student during and after studies.

How it works

To participate in the Student Investment regimes, potential students have to subscribe to the Education African membership and later invest into any of our internal “Invest2-Study” Portfolio(s).

Student members are then allowed to invest directly into the Consortium Investment portfolios. Education African negotiates payment terms with the Partner Universities, using these investment corridors as “financial Payment Guarantees”

Africa in Business Capital organizes investment portfolios in respect of the Invest-2-Study scheme. Such Investment Portfolios can also be derived directly from the Consortium Investments within the Africa in


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