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Organizations $960

Africa in Business™ Membership

Organizations $960

Africa Business Associations inside the continent and in the Diaspora are encouraged to subscribe to this category in order to also be part of the Africa in Business

This category is also ideal for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which make up 90 percent of the private sector in Africa and responsible for an estimated 80 percent of jobs across the continent, representing an important driver of economic growth

Organizations Membership



Full Membership to the Africa in Business Society.

Access and subsidies to our Annual Africa in Business Convention, Africa in Business Investment Forums (real-time Asset market place) and Africa in Business Summit (where we demonstrate our strategies to Global Leaders).

Allowed to participate and or invest in all our Group Investment Portfolios

Allowed in all our International B2B networking strategies to access Cheap Capital from our International Venture Capital Partners

Participate in all our International Business and Technology Exchange Tours.