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Global Venture Capital

Global Venture Capital

The Africa in Business Capital solicits reputable Global Capital Firms and or Venture Capitalists to finance Business and Investment Projects in Africa.

The Africa in Business Capital in partnership with Capital Funders is making it possible for established Africa Business Firms to access Long and Medium-term capital to develop their businesses and services.

The Education and Real Estate sectors are the two priority business segment in consideration under this Long and Medium term Capital Loans.

We also partners with established financial institutions in Africa to help in the distribution of Short-term Capital Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contracts

For Governments and Public Institutions, we are considering the Public-Private
Partnerships as our main financing mechanism. Nevertheless, all other financing
options are open for discussion and considerations.

Equity Finance
The Equity Finance is one of the major financing mechanisms employed to finance Africa Businesses. The procedure will ease on the financial collateral regimes still threatening the smooth financing of the African Businesses

The Equity partnership financing comes along with the Business Management expertise required for the development, maturity and profitability of African Businesses. Also due to the Africa in Business’ global presence, Equity partnerships


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