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Education African

Education African

Education African is an International Student Program for both Africa Students in Africa and Africa Students living in the Diaspora and supporting them with various International Student Exchange Programs.

All subscribing Members of the Education African are mostly University Students ready to network within the Continent and in the Diaspora with an aim of exchanging knowledge, promoting African cultural heritage and adopting Advanced Technologies to drive studies and future economic advancement of Africa

The Education African has introduced the biggest student financing scheme called the Invest-2-Study, to help student invest in our internal liquid portfolios, and we employ such investment corridor to guarantee the student investor.

Education African Activities

Forum for African International Students – The Education African is the official organizers of the “Forum for African International Students” an international student exchange event aimed at Student Networking/Exchange, but also exploring International Education Institutions for informed decision on international student placements.

Invest-2-Study – The Student Investments Portfolios also known as the “Invest2-Study” Scheme organized under the Education African Program setting, and aimed at easing the financial burden of especially International Students directly from Africa.

Education African Societies – Education African introduces and or networks Education African Societies at the University/Colleges, as grass-root structures upon which the Education African Society is built.

International Study Tours – The Education African organizes International Student Exchange (Tour) Programs inside and outside Africa with an aim of networking the Society members, Explore potential University Placements, Exchanges as well as extending research and studies.

International University Partnerships – The Education African creates International University Partnerships in order to facilitate the International Student Recruitment exercises for our Society Members.

Education African Benefits

Be part of the biggest Student and Education network Society in Africa

The Invest-2-Study Scheme is one of the biggest international student financial innovations to ease the financial burden of the students as they study.

Participate in the Student and Cultural Exchange Programs

Benefit from the Internal Student Scholarship structure

International Student Recruitment and Placement

Global Certified short courses to support your penetration to international job market

African is here to support African Students with much emphasis on International Students. Priority is on the Invest-2-Study scheme where we aim at increasing more African Students at the International Universities.


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