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Empowering African Businesses for Global Success

The Africa in Business™ is an International Business Development Program, enabling African Business Societies (ABS) to collaborate in order to increase their competitive advantage on the “Globalized Markets”.

Welcome To Africa In Business

Unlocking Global Opportunities for African Businesses

Africa in Business™ we encourage Business entities and Entrepreneurs in Africa and in the Diaspora to consolidate their purchasing positions by creating Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to trade and invest collectively. 

Through strategic partnerships, innovations, knowledge sharing, and capacity building initiatives, the Africa in Business aim to equip African entrepreneurs and enterprises with the tools, networks, and support they need to compete on the global stage.

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Africa in Business™ Clubs

Our Membership Plans

African Govt. Department, African Businesses and Entrepreneurs including those in the Diaspora can subscribe to become members of Africa in Business Clubs in order to benefit from our networking, investment, trade and capital access opportunities.

Organizations Membership


Africa Business Associations inside the continent and in the Diaspora are encouraged to subscribe to this category in order to also be part of the Africa in Business Society.

Corporate Membership


This Business category is ideal for Large Enterprises, Corporation and Government Departments, forming the apex of the Africa in Business Society.

Entrepreneurs Membership


This category was created for the individual business minds who also wish to join the biggest Africa in Business Society in order to benefit from the International Business networking strategies

Associate Membership

Africa in Business Associate membership is an “Honorary” category only reserved and or awarded to our donors and sponsors to our program activities. However, any members who exceeds an annual transaction of $10,000 is designated an Associate member title.

Students Membership


African Students inside the continent and in the Diaspora can subscribe to this category to benefit from both the Africa in Business Society and Education African programs and projects.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

At Africa in Business™, we are always open to new opportunities and collaborations that drive growth and development in the global market.

Why Choose Us

We Are Leaders In Global Business Development​

At Africa in Business™, we pride ourselves in being leaders in global business development. Our international business development program enables African Business Societies (ABS) to collaborate and increase their competitive advantage on the global market

Smart Technology

Our smart technology solutions enable us to drive global business growth for our clients

Our Process

How We Work

Our collaborative approach to business development involves working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and create customized solutions for success



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