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Africa in Business Fund

Africa in Business Fund

Africa in Business Fund, we partner with reputable Global Capital Firms and or Venture Capitalists to enable Public and Private Institutions in Africa Development, Expansion and Grow

The Africa in Business Fund is based on the “Equity Partnership” niche, as a mechanism to effectively sink cheap global capital onto Africa Business sector. We are therefore employing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contracts, Investment Consortia and Equity Finance, as means of effective financing to African Businesses.

For the Public Government Institutions, we intervene in supporting the Public Utilities and other major Infrastructure Development through Direct Finance and or Public Private Partnerships.

The Africa in Business Fund in partnership with Capital Funders is making it possible for established Africa Business Firms to access Long and Medium-term capital to develop their businesses and services. The Education and Real Estate sectors are the two priority business segment in consideration under this Long and Medium term Capital Loans

We also partners with established financial institutions in Africa to help in the
distribution of Short-term Capital Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Africa in Business Fund concentrate its effort in financing Business and Investment projects related to:

Financing Priorities

– Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contracts
Public Institutions, we are considering the Public-Private Partnerships as our main financing mechanism. Nevertheless, all other financing options are open for discussion and considerations.

– Investment Consortia
At Africa in Business Fund, we encourage Africa Business Managers and
Entrepreneurs to consolidate their purchasing powers by forming Group
Purchasing/Investment Regimes.

It should be noted that the Africa in Business Fund and sometimes Africa in
Business Consortium are in most cases part of the Consortia and hence guarantees the entire Group Investment Project.

Such group purchasing schemes are highly considered for funding, although all other options are open for discussion and considerations.

– Equity Finance
The Equity Finance is one of the major financing mechanisms employed to
finance Africa Businesses. The procedure will ease on the financial collateral
regimes still threatening the smooth financing of the African Businesses

The Equity partnership financing comes along with the Business Management expertise required for the development, maturity and profitability of African Businesses.

Also due to the Africa in Business’ global presence, Equity partnerships increase international competitive advantages of the Africa Businesses. 

The Export-Import Trade Finance is still under consideration at the Africa in Business Fund in consultation with our Global Capital Partners. At present, we are
working on a project called the Integrated Export Facility to smoothly facilitate Global Trade competitiveness of African Businesses.

For more information on Financing and Partnerships please contact

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