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Africa in Business™ Consortiums

Africa in Business™ Consortiums

The Africa in Business Consortiums is our program that encourages Africans to consolidate their Purchasing Powers by creating Consortium Investment Schemes to invest in large regional/foreign Assets.

The Africa in Business Consortiums is ideal for the Public; Private and Individuals including Africans in the Diaspora with focus their intentions to diversify their resources into the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs).

Through the Africa in Business Consortiums, we help in organizing Foreign Direct Investment Portfolios (FDIs) by “originating” net-worth assets and we “re-package” the same into either open-ended FDI portfolio and or close-ended FDI Portfolio for the participation of Africa Public and Private entities, more especially the Africa Diasporas and net-worth African individuals.

Africa in Business Consortiums also solicits Capital Investors to finance the FDI portfolios